Turning 31

I enjoyed a 31st birthday that didn’t include a birthday cake, but it’s okay… because that was never really my thing (and I can bear to lose the calories). Instead, the birthday involved a weekend getaway to DTLA (plus a super chic loft), quality time with my birthday twin, Lindsay and her husband, Julian and dog, Scrumpy.

I spent a good amount of time reflecting on this past year – followed by a toast to myself with leftover wedding vodka.

I’m grateful for friends who have been there for me and made this journey less difficult and lonely. Here is a short list of things that I want to focus on for the upcoming year.

1. Not be late.
2. Find a workout to enjoy consistently.
3. Build out the foundation for my brand.
4. Curate opportunities and relationships.
5. Live in the moment.

A quick update on my project – found an amazing printer, who can accommodate smaller minimums. I am excited – fingers crossed!

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