Around Venice

I’ve been working on a small side project that involves gathering colorful inspiration from my daily life. I came across these wonderful paintings during one of my walks near Abbott-Kinney a few weekends ago.

The series of artworks were created by local students and sponsored by organizations/businesses in the area. My favorite was the dog painting (top photo). I’m excited to unveil my humble project next month. Stay tuned for more updates!

Maternity Style

There isn’t exactly an abundance of stylish maternity wear in the market and often times, pregnant women are subject to wear variations of the same thing: black leggings and baggy t-shirts or boring wrap dresses. When it came to maternity wear, I wanted three things: 1) Anything maternity that’s young and stylish; 2) Something that could be worn in transition as my body changed; 3) Pieces from my existing wardrobe that could serve a dual purpose (..because who really wants to spend all that money on something they’ll barely wear again)

[Above] 8-months pregnant and hiking Griffith Park. I’m wearing a sweater by Demy Lee and maternity shorts & sneakers from Target. [Below] I’m wearing Hatch overalls, a piece that I wore during and after pregnancy. I love Hatch because they are specifically tailored for wearing during and after pregnancy. The sandals are Birkenstock.

[Above] At ‘The Animal Museum‘ in DTLA wearing a smock dress from Target. A cinch-free dress makes a flattering and comfortable option as the body goes through postpartum recovery. Not to mention, as with the overalls, they can accommodate a growing bump. I love this particular dress because its bright color makes up for the otherwise shapeless silhouette.

Other favorite items in my wardrobe included this jacket that helped me fight the cruel winter blizzards in New York and tops from James Perse that kept me warm without the bulkiness/itchiness of wool.

What were some of your go-to outfits during pregnancy? Did you invest in a new wardrobe altogether or weed out a certain few items that could fit your growing belly?