Puppet Play

One of my favorite toy stores in Costa Mesa called ‘Granola Babies’ is closing down at the end of the month to focus exclusively on classes. So, I picked up these wonderful puppets made by HABA for $10 each and we’ve been having fun with them ever since.

Using puppets is a great way to stimulate the baby’s brain and jump start language learning for infants, exposing them to sounds and pronunciations as early as possible. When doing puppet play, I speak in Korean while my husband speaks in Japanese/Mandarin.

We’ll occasionally catch Squishy engaging in “baby talk” back to the puppets (nothing we can understand…yet). In between naps, feedings, and tummy time, we use the puppets to keep him engaged during those down periods of time.

For older children, puppets serve as a great way to get their creative juices flowing and they construct scenarios and character development. It’s also a great way for children to overcome their shyness by channeling their emotions through characters. Give the HABA Puppet Frog a try.