Around Venice

I’ve been working on a small side project that involves gathering colorful inspiration from my daily life. I came across these wonderful paintings during one of my walks near Abbott-Kinney a few weekends ago.

The series of artworks were created by local students and sponsored by organizations/businesses in the area. My favorite was the dog painting (top photo). I’m excited to unveil my humble project next month. Stay tuned for more updates!

Palm Springs

After weeks of planning for our big move across the country, my husband and I deserved a break. We booked a 3-day getaway to Palm Springs and it was a super relaxing way to unwind before the baby’s arrival (guess you could call it a babymoon). A two-hour car ride (fairly short by LA standards), we found ourselves nestled in a bath of sunshine, dry 90-degree weather with one-too-many date shakes consumed.