Farmer’s Market

Our town hosts a small farmer’s market every Saturday. While its modest appearance certainly doesn’t stand out as grand or impressive compared to some of the larger markets throughout LA (my personal favorite being Santa Monica), the intimate size of this one makes shopping more accessible.

Most of the vendors travel down from the mountainous regions of Southern California including Ojai and Ventura County. I especially love the large selection of greens and locally harvested herbs, which are plucked from the ground earlier that day. The products that we see in contemporary supermarkets have been sitting in storage containers for at least a few days before they hit the shelves. Last week, I purchased a bag of triple-washed mesclun greens from the farmer’s market and the mix lasted for an entire 2 weeks before it started wilting and turning brown… Amazing. Definitely one of the things I’ll miss about California if we ever left.

The farmers are super generous with their samples: you’ll find large chunks of peaches, plums, strawberries to try and questions are encouraged. Not to mention, products are ultra-competitively priced. Flowers go for the ultra-cheap. The ‘Cactus Man’ (not pictured here) is my favorite vendor – his knowledge and passion for Cactus always inspire¬†me.

There’s a large number of Asian-operated, independent farms throughout California (Mr. Ha, pictured above, brings his snow mountain apples to the market every week) where you’ll find the less common varieties of Asian produce including specialty bok choy, yu-choy, foraged wild mushrooms, and Japanese eggplants. And did I mention… BALUT? Ok, so balut is not for everyone, but if you’re a fan, you’ll certainly find plenty here. Cerritos Farmer’s Market, Inside The Town’s Business Plaza, Every Saturday 8AM-12PM.¬†