re watched minimalism, which gave me the perfect excuse to pare down my closet to 35 key pieces.

i love minimal living, but it’s definitely a work in progress… curating a hodgepodge of aesthetics (retail mistakes of my 20s) to a singular theme.

trying to instill a six-month rule for when i consign/donate most of my clothes.

nude kimchi

woke up to the sound of rain. for a city that depends so much on driving, this place has the sh*ttiest freeway system. my husband defends this place like an overprotective family member.

my first kimchi.

i was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to make. 1. salt n’ soak 2. jar 3. ferment. 4. consume. after watching countless episodes of white brad (it’s alive), i felt… inspired.

the cool mild winters out here makes it ideal for pickling – my kimchi came out perfectly tart, abundant with culture/organisms.



otokomae tofu

if ivan orkin says so, who am i to disagree?

aside from the hilarious name (otokomae literally translates into manly) and the japanese obsession with other man-spired things (ie. pocky sticks, cigarettes, etc.)

..this velvety smooth tofu from kyoto is my vegan-working-mom dinner-of-choice (VWMDC?) i consume it directly from the surf board shaped plastic container with a splash of soy and sesame oil 😉