Practical Goods

My husband and I love discovering new products that can meet our demand for convenience. So when the time came to purchase goods for Squishy, we researched extensively to find well-made, suitably priced gadgets to suit our alternative lifestyle… I’ve pared down our list to just a few awesome products that I can’t survive without.

Snap n’ Go Stroller Base

The Snap n’ Go is only about 10 pounds, which makes folding and storing much easier. Special thanks to fellow first-time mom and friend, @a_vegan_esq, who gave me the recommendation. Just a quick FYI – remember to research compatibility with your specific seat before purchasing. Snap n’ Go, $49.95.

Swoop Bags

Swoop is a multi-functional play mat… but it can double as a changing pad, diaper carrier, and storage unit. What I love about Swoop is the water-resistant composition which makes cleanup easy peasy. Not to mention, toddlers who love to roll around the floor can be one step closer to germ-free. Mom’s dream? Yes. SWOOP® Bag, $34.00.

PockIt IDAN Carseat

I wouldn’t put $500 and practical in the same sentence.. so when I found the lightweight GT PockIt IDAN Carseat, I was ecstatic. Not only is the car seat size adjustable, but the compact and sleek construction also makes portability hassle-free. Totally reasonably priced for a big ticket item. PockIt IDAN Carseat, $240.00.

Puj Tub

Puj Foldable Infant Tub

In the early days, we bathed Squishy in a small basin; but eventually, we had to find him a real bathtub. The Puj Flyte Tub and the Puj Soft Infant Tub at our local Babies r’ Us seemed like an ideal solution. The Infant Tub is designed to make storage easier and bathing safer for infants. The flat surface folds into a chair and fits into a standard sink. The cushion prevents any head injuries for babies and clean-up is a breeze. Puj Baby Bathtub (Aqua), $49.99.

Stasher Ziploc Containers

My love for Ziploc bags travels back to elementary school when I used them to port my Polly Pocket dolls around; so imagine my joy when I saw the updated eco-friendly, reusable version of the beloved disposable bag. I mainly use the Stasher Containers to carry my baby wipes when the original packaging has torn. Stasher Silicone Food Bag, $11.99.

Moba Travel Bassinette

As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of the Dockatot – the Moba Travel Bassinette is a similar product, but the frame is made of a silicon material that is lightweight and hypoallergenic. I also love that it can dock into the stand to create a stand alone bassinette (something the Dockatot cannot do). Moba Travel Bassinette, $180.00.

Do you own any of the products listed here? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Maternity Style

There isn’t exactly an abundance of stylish maternity wear in the market and often times, pregnant women are subject to wear variations of the same thing: black leggings and baggy t-shirts or boring wrap dresses. When it came to maternity wear, I wanted three things: 1) Anything maternity that’s young and stylish; 2) Something that could be worn in transition as my body changed; 3) Pieces from my existing wardrobe that could serve a dual purpose (..because who really wants to spend all that money on something they’ll barely wear again)

[Above] 8-months pregnant and hiking Griffith Park. I’m wearing a sweater by Demy Lee and maternity shorts & sneakers from Target. [Below] I’m wearing Hatch overalls, a piece that I wore during and after pregnancy. I love Hatch because they are specifically tailored for wearing during and after pregnancy. The sandals are Birkenstock.

[Above] At ‘The Animal Museum‘ in DTLA wearing a smock dress from Target. A cinch-free dress makes a flattering and comfortable option as the body goes through postpartum recovery. Not to mention, as with the overalls, they can accommodate a growing bump. I love this particular dress because its bright color makes up for the otherwise shapeless silhouette.

Other favorite items in my wardrobe included this jacket that helped me fight the cruel winter blizzards in New York and tops from James Perse that kept me warm without the bulkiness/itchiness of wool.

What were some of your go-to outfits during pregnancy? Did you invest in a new wardrobe altogether or weed out a certain few items that could fit your growing belly?

Hello Noah

Introducing our son, who was born five days late (taking care of some last minute business, perhaps), but entered this world with a thunderous roar on May 8th. I’ve never experienced this kind of joy and my heart is filled with so much love. If you’re wondering, I did shed a tear or two because I was overwhelmed with happiness (something I rarely do). After battling a weekend of inconsistent contractions, he finally arrived.. hungry and loud.

The birthing plans didn’t exactly go as planned. I wanted to do a completely natural birth, but that did not happen. Epidural is godsent drug – most likely invented by a woman whose gone through labor herself. We named him Noah, after the biblical figure and protector of the animals.

Here’s our natural survivor already half-smiling and trying his best to focus his wandering eyes in the same direction, towards the camera. I love you, my baby boy.