joan joan joan

Watched “the center will not hold.” the elegant and beautiful joan didion. I’ve never seen her on film— so to see her animated gestures was rather unexpected.


Definitely will be reading blue nights again after I finish Men Without Women.


i really dislike thanksgiving for two major reasons and marginally like it for one reason.

i hate that 3 hundred million turkeys are bred and killed in vain each year and the true story behind thanksgiving – we fed them (the native americans) then killed them. it’s a day of thanks for some, but mourning for others. let’s not forget that.

i suggested playing earthlings and okja in the background to wake everyone up – husband stopped me.

i don’t mind the day off. genuinely thankful for the people that resist the demand. that’s about it.


re watched minimalism, which gave me the perfect excuse to pare down my closet to 35 key pieces.

i love minimal living, but it’s definitely a work in progress… curating a hodgepodge of aesthetics (retail mistakes of my 20s) to a singular theme.

trying to instill a six-month rule for when i consign/donate most of my clothes.

nude kimchi

woke up to the sound of rain. for a city that depends so much on driving, this place has the sh*ttiest freeway system. my husband defends this place like an overprotective family member.

my first kimchi.

i was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to make. 1. salt n’ soak 2. jar 3. ferment. 4. consume. after watching countless episodes of white brad (it’s alive), i felt… inspired.

the cool mild winters out here makes it ideal for pickling – my kimchi came out perfectly tart, abundant with culture/organisms.