Not (Just) About Pink

My first team event was this past Saturday in Newport Beach. I loved the energy (though it was a little pageant-like). Some of you may know that I lost my own mother to ovarian cancer just last year, so it was a particularly emotional event.

I’ve always had mixed feelings about organizations like Susan G. Komen – which give participants a false sense of relief that they are somehow doing really good when it’s more about $$$. My sentiments are very similar to those expressed in this post here and this organization here. The reality is that less than 5% of fundraising money from Susan Komen actually goes to medical research.

What I loved most about the walk though.. was sharing the legacy of loved ones. It was inspiring to see survivors and their daughters walking hand-in-hand. A message that, at the end of the day, let’s try to make it about the people and raise awareness. Here are a few photos to share.

Designer Baby

I came across several baby consignment shops in New York City (they actually exist) where you can find designer items for 70% off its original retail price.

Here are a few staples I’d recommend: 1. onesies (long-sleeve, short-sleeve.. the most basic ones in various colors to make things fun); 2. leggings (just simple heather grey/black leggings – ones with buttons on the inseam to make life easier) 3. super stretchy swaddles. Stay far away from accessories: booties, hats, socks (babies usually kick them right off).

With over-enthusiasm, I overbought and recently discovered a pile of clothes that no longer fit Squishy… Don’t make the amateur mistake that I did. Just look at these booties (below) that I got for Squishy – thought they’d be fabulous on him… but clearly, too small :/ I got a total of three wears out of them.

Where to go.
Jane’s Exchange
Owner Gayle Raskin started the shop back in 1987 when she discovered a demand for consignment clothes during the time of her daughter’s birth.
Clementine’s Consignment
Here you’ll find stylish, one-of-a-kind designer baby clothes in almost-new condition. Top brands include Moncler, Bonpoint, Caramel Kids, and much more.

Squishy wears a onesie by Petit Bateau [$8.99 on sale], Booties by Anonymous Designer [$5.99]. Both were upcycled finds from Clementine’s Consignment.

Culver City

The trendy vibes of Culver City have been on my mind lately and I snapped some photos during my recent visit to the city. In this city, you’ll find a hub of hotspots, which have emerged in the recent years: Janessa Leone’s flagship, Tom Dixon, Magasin (where I scored a fabulous deal on a unisex Dries van Noten carry-all bag :]), Rabbit Ladders, Sweetgreen to name a few.

The Market, where you’ll find all your indie pantry staples, reminds me of the artisan food shops like Riverdel Cheese in Brooklyn.

My favorite book, Native Speaker, at Blue Bottle Coffee. The books were selected in partnership with One Grand, a curated online bookstore/concept where celebrated thinkers, writers, artists, and other creative minds share the ten books they would take to their metaphorical desert island.

Turning 31

I enjoyed a 31st birthday that didn’t include a birthday cake, but it’s okay… because that was never really my thing (and I can bear to lose the calories). Instead, the birthday involved a weekend getaway to DTLA (plus a super chic loft), quality time with my birthday twin, Lindsay and her husband, Julian and dog, Scrumpy.

I spent a good amount of time reflecting on this past year – followed by a toast to myself with leftover wedding vodka.

I’m grateful for friends who have been there for me and made this journey less difficult and lonely. Here is a short list of things that I want to focus on for the upcoming year.

1. Not be late.
2. Find a workout to enjoy consistently.
3. Build out the foundation for my brand.
4. Curate opportunities and relationships.
5. Live in the moment.

A quick update on my project – found an amazing printer, who can accommodate smaller minimums. I am excited – fingers crossed!

Around Venice

I’ve been working on a small side project that involves gathering colorful inspiration from my daily life. I came across these wonderful paintings during one of my walks near Abbott-Kinney a few weekends ago.

The series of artworks were created by local students and sponsored by organizations/businesses in the area. My favorite was the dog painting (top photo). I’m excited to unveil my humble project next month. Stay tuned for more updates!